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Look to the Vix

Check out my interview Tuesday on CNBC "Squawk on the Street". You can hear my take on whether or not we have seen a bottom and the indicators an investor should look to in reading this market.

Vix Retreats, but for how long?

In the past two days of trading, the VI X has plunged to 64.70 and is down 20 percent since it's record high last Thursday. Clearly, The government bailout of Citigroup and President Elect Obama's announcement of the Chairman of the New York Fed Timothy Geithner to be the next Treasury Secretary has sparked this market rally. Unclear however, is how long all of this will last. The economy still has not healed from bad news in home sales, unemployment, and the bleak situation of financial institutions worldwide . In light of all this, are we starting to climb out of this financial abyss or was this just a bear market rally? Time will most certainly tell.

What goes up may not come down

As the credit crisis expands the Vix stays high. Dan Deming spoke about this stability in the VIX as well as other topics on last week's Bloomberg Volatility Report and CBOE TV. movieid =42831

October Review of the VIX

October was a volatile month to say the least. This made Dan Deming a busy man in newspapers across the country. Here a few examples of his take on the VIX this past month.

Bulls on Parade

Dan Deming was on CNBC election morning explaining his "Bulls on Parade" theory of an election day rally which was dead on. He also gives his short term and long term market forecast .

VIX Blocking Buyers

With stock prices at record lows and with what appears to be a buying opportunity of a lifetime for investors, the question remains why haven't we seen any buyers? The answer may lie within the VIX . Despite this buying opportunity fear has not only taken over but it has also obstructed the buyers from entering. You can read my quote in last week's LA. Times touching on this point.,0,3295392.story