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Heading into Summer

With the dog days of summer almost upon us, it's time to start thinking about option strategies. Most of the time, the summer is when markets are calm. However, this may not necessarily be the case for options. Playing both sides, options give you an edge as you decide where you think the market may be. On Options Action, the panel had many interesting topics on their plates. As volatility continues the shrink, the fear in the market is slowly deteriorating. However, this may not mean a jump is coming. There is still a lot of uncertainty out there. Putting this all in prospective click below to hear all the newest option strategies.


We have seen a nice run in the market since its lows back in March. This technical climb may be slowing down, however. In the housing sector we may have not seen a bottom just yet and in areas such as unemployment, numbers continue to incline. Hear Dan Deming explain this in greater detail during his media blitz this week as he appeared on CNBC's "Word on the Street", CBOE TV "Trader Talk, and CNBC's Stock Blog.

Volatility Shrinking

As we head into May expiration, the VIX keeps dropping. It is now just under 30 as the economy shows signs of recovering. Despite this volatility levels in other sectors such as financials remain high and many traders have a feeling of complacentcy and are looking for some protection. On last week's "Options Action" hear what the panel thinks as they discuss their latest strategies. Also you may want to pay attention to the "final call" segment of the show with a special announcement of a brand new option of my own.
I was still out of the action on last week's "Option's Action". However, there was still a lot to talk about. As bank stress tests came to a close, many investors were wondering to make of it all. Some bank stocks such as Wells Fargo went up 40%. Hear the panel discuss this as well as other important strategies.

Thinking Ahead of Stress Tests

Even though I couldn't make this past "Options Action", it was real informative. This week in the market may be an important one as financials prepare for key stress tests. In light of this, hear the panel's prospective and their latest options strategies.  

Trimming the Fat

On Thursday, I had a chance to discuss on CNBC the latest news about Chrysler's Bankruptcy. As you will hear in the interview, this may give Chrysler a chance to restructure debt and move forward as they"trim the fat". In other topics, while we start a recovery and Americans start going back to work, there are some stocks to think about.