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Showing posts from February, 2009

Heading into Expiration

On the past "Options Action" in case you missed it, we discussed a wide number of topics. This included retail and technology options and the latest news on oil and gold. Hear my advice on where the volatility is contracting as we head into February options expiration.

The Wild Card

On "Squawk on the Street" Dan Deming had a chance to discuss Timothy Geithner's testimony on unveiling of the Stimulus overhaul plan. Dan points out the passage of the stimulus bill is a real wild card on its affect on the market. His wild card analysis was proven right. Even though the VIX was contracting, markets plunged later on in the day as investors did not feel confident in hearing specifics from Geithner.

Interpreting Volatility

Here are some links to the past show of Options Action. On the program, I offered advice on how to use volatility levels in the market to make future trades. Specifically, we are seeing a contraction in volatility in sectors such as technology. However, in other areas such as in certain financial institutions volatility has risen. In light of this, hear my take on which options are a better buy and which are not.

Option Optimism- Take Two

Yesterday, I had another chance to discuss my market analysis on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street". Hear my take on a retreating VIX on what this all means for stocks, the S&P index, and of course, options.

Option Optimism

January was a bad month for the market and the economy. Poor economic data, high unemployment, and bad news in the housing and credit sectors all have not helped a potential recovery. However in case you missed this past Friday night's Option's Action, you may be surprised what I had to say and why we might see some bullish signs soon.