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Here's looking at "Tech"

Dan Deming was at it again on CNBC this past Thursday. Hear his reasons why the technological sector is your best investment if you had to choose only one.

Quaduple Expiration

We encountered a quadruple expiration this past Friday which is a pretty rare occurrence. However, something that isn't so rare these days are Dan Deming's appearances on CNBC's "Market Buzz". Last week on the show, Dan had a chance to discuss many topics. One being whether or not the market would hold this bottom range, his opinions of the Vix, and where he thinks the market will be this summer. Dan continued on with his media campaign with an appearance on CBOTV's "In the Money with Angela Miles". On topic was of course the VIX as he discusses intraday moves in the market and whether or not the Vix is under pressure.

Da Bears

The past three months the market has provided a nice rally. However, recently, this rally has seemed at best to slow down. It is clear "Da Bears" are starting to take over. That being said, there are still opportunities playing options. One example is in the tech sector. As the panel discusses on "Options Action" the nasdaq has had a great run. So far this year it is up 16% and we have seen a lot of put buying recently in this sector. Hear this strategy as well as the rest of the panel's.

Heavy Metal

This week as we have already seen some pull backs in the market as the DOW was down about two percent. On the lastest "Option Action" hear the panel discuss their latest option strategies as they analyze why markets are moving sideways, what to make of a declining technological sector, and the heavy commodity markets.


Well it was back to work on the panel of "Options Action" last Friday. On topic were commodities. The market is in a confirmed uptrend. However, stocks are well off their 52 week highs and all eyes are on the commodity markets. As I explain on the panel, when volatility rises it usually means stocks will decrease. However in commodity markets, they tend to follow implied volatility. Since we saw a spark in implied volatility or fear in inflation the past weeks you can see why we saw a lot of call buying. In other areas hear what I think of about the panel's strategies technology, oil, and other option strategies.

Mixed Signals

On Monday, we saw some nice gains in the market. That being said, there are still are a lot of question marks on the horizon. Oil and Gold continue to rise which is sparking some inflationary fears. With these mixed signals, there are a lot of option strategies out there. The good news in this market is the fear level is gone. The bad news is that we may not be ready to keep climbing. With this comfort zone, find out the best option strategies as the panel discuss their views on the past airing of "Options Action". 1