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Time to Sell Treasuries?

The yield on the U.S. ten-year note has fallen sharply over the past 3 months even as investors have flocked to Treasuries. Could now be the time to exit your position in U.S. debt? Brian Stutland , Stutland Equities president weighs in.

Akamai: Takeover Target?

Is Bank of America losing billions from the Dodd-Frank bill? The Fast Money traders weigh in on the legislation's impact on banks, and Brian Stutland , Stutland Equities, offers a risk-reversal play on Akamai takeover speculation.

Options Action: Semiconductors

How to protect your position in the semiconductors sector using options, with Brian Stutland , Stutland Equities. Semiconductors are showing tremendous strength relative to the market making higher lows consistently. Option prices got cheaper today and it makes sense to buy some insurance to protect a portfolio. Glad to pay 2% premium for the next 2 months to buy Nov 29/26 put spread so I can stay long the market. Trading a November spread to get protection through the earnings season.

Options Action

Brian Stutland , Stutland Equities, discusses insurance companies worth looking at even though they could have a massive payout after Hurrican Irene. Using options to play the insurance stocks.

VISA Earnings

DATE July 22, 2011 STOCK/INDEX V STOCK PRICE 89.30 NEXT ESTIMATED EARNINGS July 27, 2011 OPTION PLAY Risk Reversal SELL AUG 85 Puts @ $1.30 BUY AUG 92.5 Calls @ $1.30 NET COST 0 MAX PROFIT Unlimited after $92.5 MAX LOSS Unlimited under $85 TRADE COMMENTARY: Visa is due to announce earnings on July 27, and as you know the stock is recently had a decent run and had some favorable court rulings that have helped every credit card stock. Credit card companies have tightened up their business as far as who they offer credit cards to…they are being more selective. One has to remember that they are never really truly on the hook for any of the money spent. Expected $1.23, Previous $1.23 It completed a $1 billion stock buyback program earlier this month. The Fed’s limit that was imposed last month on VISA seems to not be as a big of a deal as we all thought it would be, but nevertheless VISA has decreased its own expectat

Fear in the market

A reading of the U.S. equity market on an options expiration day - BNN heads to the CBOE in Chicago for trading floor commentary from Dan Deming, Managing Director, Stutland Volatility Group. Dan on Business News Network

Pump Up The Volume

How to manage a losing options trade. On June 17th, Brian Stutland recommended a bearish trade on LinkedIn. What's happened since, with CNBC's Scott Wapner and the Options Action traders

Bullish on IBM

Brian Stutland, Options Action trader, says IBM is in a position to help individual companies build there own more secure systems rather having to rely on the cloud.