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A wild week for VIX

After trading below 20 for 11 days in 2010, the VIX rose significantly last week, with Jan 21st up 20% and Jan 22nd up 23%. The VIX closed the week at 27.3. The S&P 500 5d and 1m realized vol is at 22 and 15 respectively.Stutland Equities believed the VIX is overshoot and should settle down in the coming week. On the Equities side, Stutland Equities is bullish on Goldman Sachs. However, Stutland Equities recommend to play the movement of GS as a safe play. Fast Money Halftime Report Jan25 Stutland Equities warned to put the protection on when VIX was at 22.8 Fast Money Halftime Report Jan22