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Options Action: QQQQs

Brian Stutland, contributor to CNBC's Options Action shown on Fridays at 5:30pm EST, remains bullish for the Tech Sector as seen on CNBC's Fast Money. Brain wants to protect for possible pullback but doesn't want to be out of the game. The strategy Brian recommends is buying QQQQ June 50/47 put spreads for $0.80 debit. The 1.6% of capital can protect 6% of possible loss in the coming two months while riding the bull. CNBC Option Action April 22

Dan Deming on first business news!

Dan thinks the momentum of the market will continue higher with the strength of the broad market (RUT). The retail (XRT)and home builder (XHB) sectors look particularly strong. Dan is cautious on financials, the turmoil surrounding Goldman Sachs has slowed the momentum of this sector. Dan on First Business

Outlook on financial and volatility

Dan Deming on CNBC opening bell outlook! With strong earning of the financial behind us, Dan Deming thinks XLF needs to challenge 17 in the next week to keep the bullish momentum going. A stall here could signal expectations were to high and a correction may be coming. Dan expects the VIX (implied volatility) to be under pressure. The gap between 30 day implied volatility and realized volatility in the SPX of ~8 is very wide and trading activity in the VIX may, June and July options suggest market players feel volatility will be contained heading into summer. Dan on Opening Bell

Opinion on the financial earning

Brian Stutland is on CNBC "Options Action" to talk about his bullish view of financial based on technical breakout and fundamental improved macro economic conditions. Specifically, Brian recommends to buy the May 45/48 call spread to replace the stock to further participate the upside.