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Wall Street Warriors in the VIX

Today, "Wall Street Warriors," shown on the MOJO channel, finished their filming of their documentary on the VIX. They interviewed 2 of Stutland Equities' finest employees, Dan Deming and Matt Shapiro, to get their feelings on being an independent trader in the VIX pit on the CBOE. The show will air in February/March and discuss the reality of trading options on the CBOE.

Matt Shapiro feels a rally and drop in volatility brewing

Matt Shapiro, President of MWS Capital (a financial advisor company) and trader for Stutland Equities, appeared on Bloomberg TV yesterday in which he felt the recent sell off this week did not have much legs to it. Technically, he sees volatility breaking an udptrend and the possibility we may see the VIX get to as low as 21. Listen to his podcast and other's opinion on the market:

VIX Index Retreats 3.84% on July 18

Matt Shapiro gives his insight on the recent ralley in the market and how the VIX has fallen from its recent high. Listen to his podcast and learn how the VIX 30+ mark may have indicated a market capitulation and bottom.

A look back at July 2nd and now

Brian Stutland made an appearance on July 2nd on Bloomberg TV, providing insight into the recent breakout of the VIX to higher levels, thus giving an indication of credit concerns in the financial stocks and political turmoil brewing. Check out to hear his podcast recording. Following Brian's comments, we saw Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae stocks begin to tumble, thus confirming how the VIX's move acted as a leading incdicator to the market. As listed below, however, the VIX may be telling another story about the market in the weeks to come, as it had a huge reversal on Tuesday.

VIX index falls 12%...Dan Deming comments on Bloomberg TV

It sure seemed like a huge reversal in not only the market, but in the VIX index, thus indicating that less volatile times lay ahead. As Wells Fargo raised their dividend and the government continued to pound the table that they will be there as a backstop to credit concerns, volatility may not be as painful for investors in the near future. You can listen to Dan Deming's comments on Bloomberg TV at to get a sense of his and other's opinions on the stock market.