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Tremendous Demand leads to Calmer Waters

With a series of interviews on CNBC, Dan Deming was a busy man explaining the current market environment these past few weeks. Going into further detail, Dan explains why the market is in calmer waters, why the vix could be under further pressure, and when we could start to see some pullbacks. During "Chalk Talk" on First Business, Dan discusses Semi-conductors and the SMH. CNBC interview 9-22-09 CNBC interview 9-22-09 CNBC interview 9-14-09 First Business interview 9-22-09


If we are going to recover from this recession, we should see gains in the transportation sector. On Friday we saw a bigger than expected international transport sales which drove Fed Ex and UPS stock up. What option traders are now predicting with Fed Ex is a range from 75 to 80 in the coming months. If you start to see a pull back in the stock to the lower range, it would be a good idea to jump in. However, when comparing Fed Ex to UPS, I see stronger fundamentals in UPS as it is a Warren Buffet favorite. Hear my insights in greater detail on last Friday's "Halftime Report".

Meeting Expectations

For the past month now, I've been stating how traders who have been trading VIX futures have been expecting to see a rise in volatility as we head into fall months. Seeing this expected pullback in the market over the past week has helped prove this expectation. With this, I can expect the market now to turn a bit sideways as I believe we will be in trading zone on the S&P from the low end of 980 to about 1,020. Click below to hear my take on the VIX and my market forecast in more detail as I had a chance to explain it all on CNBC on Tuesday.