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Showing posts from April, 2009

Swine Flu Plays

The possible Swine flu epidemic  has led to some lower volume trading on Monday. With a mid-day rally, it became apparent that investors are playing the waiting game.  This environment has led to some short term opportunities in the pharmaceutical markets. In other areas, Mexican stocks have tumbled and have led to some buying opportunities especially in the telecommunication sectors. Click below to hear these strategies as I had a chance to explain it all on CNBC's Final Call. 

Tech Earnings Out, Moves Unchanged

We saw some interesting findings in the market this past week. Tech earnings came out with some positive news. However, we saw few moves in the tech sector itself. On the latest "Options Action" hear my as well as the panel's latest strategies. What does this all mean for the future and how to profit in a possible "sideways market".

Option Enthusiasm

The VIX closed at 35 this past Friday which has led the way to a feeling of optimism in the options market. On the latest "Option's Action" you will hear the latest option strategies as we head into some important earning reports.

Options 101

Last week on Options Actions viewers got a chance to review and learn the basics about options. Click below to find out everything what you wanted to know about options but were afraid to ask.

Back to the future

On the latest "Options Action" hear why going back in time, particularly to 1998, may be a useful tool in analyzing future call spreads. Also Learn why being an investor "pig" is not a wise thing to do.