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In like a lion - Out like a lamb

As always at this time of year, the March Lion is giving way to spring. On Wall St, investors are hoping for the same relief from the long recession. Despite some losses last Friday, the market held true to this hope. On the latest "Options Action", you can hear my latest analysis of the VIX, how the VIX compares to the VXN (The NASDAQ Volatility), and my latest option strategies.

Change We Can Believe In; A VIX below 40

The market rally continued this week and many investors were left wondering what to make of it all. Dan Deming explains on and on CBOE TV's "Trader Talk" why the VIX holds all the answers.{CB2930BD-3396-4F6C-A79D-D97D9DE11A5C}&dist=SecMostRead

March Madness

We all know that March can be filled with "bracket madness". In the markets we also have seen a "buying madness". On the latest "Options Action"I had a chance in discussing where we have seen this buying madness and where the buying gone a little too mad. Hear my latest option strategies.

All Eyes On the VIX

The big rally last week has sparked at least for the moment some optimism into this market. As we see a contracting VIX, click below to hear what this all means as well as the latest options strategies on the latest episode of Options Action.

Some Options to Think About

The following analysis is from Paul Foster:

United Parcel Service-UPS volatility at 49. shares Rally off record lows
United Parcel Service is recently up $2.50 to $40.80. Crude oil futures are recently down .62% to $46.78 according to Bloomberg. UPS call option volume of 9,610 contracts compares to put volume of 3,713 contracts. April option implied volatility is at 49; July is at 47; above its 26-week average of 44, according to Track Data, suggesting larger price movement.

DryShips-DRYS call volume and volatility Elevated
DryShips is recently up 49c to $4.57. DRYS call option volume of 22,762 contracts compares to put volume of 6,311 contracts. DRYS April option implied volatility of 183 is above its 26-week average of 142, according to Track Data, suggesting larger price movement.